Rubber Base Supports for Any Type of Roof

Rubber Base Supports

Non-Penetrating Rubber Base Supports Provide the Strength You Need Our Rubber Base Supports are designed to be used with any of the roof support systems we offer. Made from 99% recycled tires, our Rubber Base Supports won’t fade, deteriorate, or compromise your rooftop membrane. Whether you’re installing the most complex maintenance platform or the simplest pipe…

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The Revolutionary PUC Rubber Rooftop Support Increases Lifespan of Roof

Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports for condenser units. PUC: Revolutionary Recycled Rubber Rooftop Support

Longer Roof Life with the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support System Use the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support to Increase the Longevity of Your Roof. It’s so tempting to just go out and buy a few pieces of lumber, chop them up into shorter pieces, and slide them under your pipes, to elevate them from your rooftop.…

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