Equipment Support Nightmares: What Not To Do

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Properly Supporting Your Rooftop Equipment Is Crucial When looking to build an equipment support, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration including roofing material, location, weight capacities, wind loads, seismic activity and more. When these factors are not taken into consideration, equipment support nightmares will occur. Below is a brief rundown…

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Rooftop System Specifications Now Available on MasterSpec

rooftop system specifications

RTS and Our Rooftop System Specifications are Available for Download on MasterSpec Are you looking for system specifications and product data pertaining to our line of rooftop support systems? Do you want to know if our products meet your project requirements? Well now you can easily download our rooftop system specifications through Product MasterSpec. We’re…

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Mini Split & Condenser Unit Supports That Save You Time and Money

Mini Split Roof Support

Mini Split & Condenser Unit Supports That Surpass Your Expectations Finding the right support for your rooftop equipment can be a challenging task because not every mini split or condenser unit is the same. Our skilled team of project engineers from our Rooftop Support Division know that each rooftop is unique and each project may…

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Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports Protect Your Equipment

Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports for condenser units

Condensing Unit Supports for Strong, Economical Rooftop Elevation of Condenser Units Condensing Unit Supports are designed to conveniently rest on rooftops, without penetrating their surface. They provide sturdy, adjustable support for condenser air units, as well as other rooftop equipment, and allow for air flow around the unit. Condenser supports also make it easier and more convenient for…

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