H-Stands Are Available In A Variety of Finishes


H-Stands work great for supporting your pipes and ducts! When looking for an effective rooftop support system that can support your pipes and duct work, look no further than our H-Stands. Our custom designed H-Stands are manufactured in house to meet your job specific needs, but did you know that the framing and hardware comes…

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Roof Support Solutions Fully Engineered to Meet Your Needs

roof support

Is Your Roof Support Fully Engineered? A fully engineered roof support has successfully gone from design to installation, and been certified by an engineering firm. This means the engineering firm has surveyed the rooftop conditions where the equipment is being installed, reviewed the design to ensure all requirements are met, and then stamped them with…

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Roof Flashing Around Direct Mount RTS Bases To Keep Your Roof Waterproof

roof flashing

Our Rooftop Support Bases Work Great with Roof Flashing When it comes to maintaining a waterproof roof while installing rooftop equipment and roofing materials, our RTSSPB20HG and RTSSSPBWIND bases make it easy for you. Manufactured from round steel, our rooftop bases make the job of roof flashing a cinch when compared with flashing around square…

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Rubber Base Supports for Any Type of Roof

Rubber Base Supports

Non-Penetrating Rubber Base Supports Provide the Strength You Need Our Rubber Base Supports are designed to be used with any of the roof support systems we offer. Made from 99% recycled tires, our Rubber Base Supports won’t fade, deteriorate, or compromise your rooftop membrane. Whether you’re installing the most complex maintenance platform or the simplest pipe…

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RTS Roof Crossover Bridge Stairs: Measure Up Your Savings

Pipe Crossover Stairs Bridge Roof Pipe Supports

Complete Your Rooftop Crossover Bridge Stair Project For Less with RTS Rooftop Support Systems™ makes it easy to save on Crossover Bridge Stairs (also known as Crossover Bridges, Crossover Stairs or Pipe Crossovers). With some of the best pricing and lead times in the industry, it’s no wonder the word is getting out that you…

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Wind Load Capacity of Rooftop Duct Supports

Rooftop Duct Supports

Wind Resistance Options for Roof Mounted Duct Work One of the most important considerations when designing and evaluating installation of rooftop duct supports is the effect of wind on the system. Wind load ratings must fall in line with the expected wind loads for the region of installation. According to the Uniform Building Code, typical…

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Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports Protect Your Equipment

Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports for condenser units

Condensing Unit Supports for Strong, Economical Rooftop Elevation of Condenser Units Condensing Unit Supports are designed to conveniently rest on rooftops, without penetrating their surface. They provide sturdy, adjustable support for condenser air units, as well as other rooftop equipment, and allow for air flow around the unit. Condenser supports also make it easier and more convenient for…

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Rooftop Equipment Access Platforms, Safe & Practical

rooftop equipment access platforms

Access Platforms make it safe and easy for workers to perform maintenance of rooftop equipment With Access Platforms, maintenance workers have direct access to equipment panels, doorways and other points of access to work on rooftop HVAC, condenser units, fans and other rooftop equipment. Access Platforms can also provide a safe pathway over conveyors, pipes and…

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The Revolutionary PUC Rubber Rooftop Support Increases Lifespan of Roof

Rooftop Condensing Unit Supports for condenser units. PUC: Revolutionary Recycled Rubber Rooftop Support

Longer Roof Life with the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support System Use the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support to Increase the Longevity of Your Roof. It’s so tempting to just go out and buy a few pieces of lumber, chop them up into shorter pieces, and slide them under your pipes, to elevate them from your rooftop.…

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Building Better Pathways for Increased Flat Roof Safety

Flat Roof Safety: Rooftop Maintenance Platforms

Flat Roof Safety can be achieved through creating safe pathways for foot traffic on rooftops using innovative construction and design When thinking about rooftop safety, it’s only natural to picture roofs with steep inclines, which require workers to wear fall protection safety harnesses in order to maintain personal rooftop safety. But many commercial and industrial buildings have…

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